Thank you for your interest in South Carolina High School Sports Coverage Magazine. We here at the magazine have two primary focuses when it comes to this magazine. First and foremost is getting the coverage to the hard working athletes that study, train and play their hearts out to offer us the entertainment of the sports that we love most. Second, and equally as important, offering you the insights to the stats, scores, updates and locations of your favorite players and schools. Historically in South Carolina High School Sports, it was nearly impossible to really know what was going on across the divisions. If you went to one game, you were clueless as to what was going on with the other games across the region. Many people would try and follow games through text messages, phone calls, social media and other avenues they may find to keep up with one or two other games at best. You could tune into the 11’Oclock news and hope the scores were updated and scrolling across the screen. Another option, once upon a time, was the newspaper and local journals but they too have fallen by the wayside when it comes to covering High School Sports. The coverage that once was and no longer is, was the inspiration of this magazine. The fact is simple; these young athletes are the future of all the professional sports that we follow. Future superstars get their start playing High School sports. The quarterback that you see at your local Friday night High School football game may just be the quarterback you see throwing the winning touchdown pass in Super Bowl future. You want to follow this kid and be able to say “I remember when he played High School football”. You want to know his stats today, tomorrow and for years to come. You want to know how your favorite players are stacking up to other players across the division. When this player gets ready to play college ball, you want to know who all is offering them a place to play and who they finally chose to sign with. We want to be your first and only source of getting that information. We want you to be able to log in at any time and see how your favorite player is doing. How are they stacking up against other players? Who is winning game x, game y and game z? Who is making the plays and who is making the mistakes? Who is the fan favorite? What athletes are in the spotlight this week? Who is the player of the week? What was the play of the week? We aim to provide you with all this information right at your fingertips! You can go to your favorite game and still keep up with every other game while you’re there. There are 56 High Schools in the Upstate alone! That is potentially 28 games that could be played on any given night and you can now keep up with them all. As we continue to grow, so will our coverage. We plan to cover the entire state of South Carolina and then start to branch into North Carolina and Georgia. Our growth rate is predicted to be statewide by August of 2017 if everything stays on the track that it is currently on. The response that we have received is far more promising than we ever dreamed possible and the potential to grow to greater coverage is looking great. The response that we are getting from players, coaches, recruiters and sports professionals and enthusiasts all together is phenomenal. We are providing not only the above mentioned insights but also a platform for recruiters to find more players that in the past they were never exposed to. This means the potential for more athletes to continue on the path they are on and fulfill their hopes of living their dreams. SCHSSC Magazines goal is to forever change the way High School sports are covered! We all invest a lot of time and money into our kids as we recognize that they are the future of this great country. They are our future CEO’s, Business Owners, Leaders and Presidents and that stands true of our Athletes. They are well worth the investment and that is why we are putting in the long hours and hard work to ensure they get the attention they deserve. SCHSSC Magazine has information resources all around the state the provides us with much of the critical information that we need to keep the magazine up to date. We work directly with coaches, students, trainers, parents, professionals in the industry and more to collect the stats, scores and stories that we give you in the magazine. We have nothing but the upmost trust and respect for these folks and the information that they provide. This does however put us at their beck and call (per say) and we are at their mercy when it comes to issues like spelling and data. If we are made aware of an inaccurate spelling of an athlete’s name or a misprint on a stat or score report, we will as we already do, promptly make any necessary corrections. We are super excited about the future of SCHSSC Magazine and the opportunities that it will offer to athletes and followers alike. We offer an open forum and we have a spotlight section that is open to anyone who is a member to send us information that they would like to see covered in the SCHSSC magazine. It is our policy to cover any and every athlete regardless how they rank against other players. We will be opening an awards section on the website where we will be giving trophies and awards to the most outstanding players each year. We are working with sponsors who will be helping us to provide these awards and plan them to be lifelong treasures to the athletes who earn them. We would once again like to thank you for your interest, hope to see you as a member and look forward to our futures together.   Thank you, All the staff at SCHSSC Magazine

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  • Albert Huggins
    Position Defensive Tackle Height 6-3 Weight 283 Location Orangeburg, SC Current Institution Orangeburg-Wilkinson Star Rating 4 Rating 96 National Ranking 84 State Ranking 1 Positional Ranking 12 Committed
  • Shameik Blackshear
    Position Weak-Side Defensive End Height 6-5 Weight 240 Location Bluffton, SC Current Institution Bluffton Star Rating 4 Rating 95 National Ranking 119 State Ranking 2 Positional Ranking 8 Committed
  • A.J. McDonald
    Position Safety Height 6-0 Weight 190 Location Bamberg, SC Current Institution Bamberg Ehrhardt Star Rating 2 Rating 75 National Ranking 2747 State Ranking 48 Positional Ranking 202 Committed
  • Michael Barnett
    Position Strong-Side Defensive End Height 6-5 Weight 258 Location Dorchester, SC Current Institution Woodland Star Rating 4 Rating 93 National Ranking 203 State Ranking 3 Positional Ranking 13 Committed
  • Destin Guillen
    Position Strong-Side Defensive End Height 6-6 Weight 240 Location Greenville, SC Current Institution Berea Star Rating 2 Rating 76 National Ranking 2452 State Ranking 40 Positional Ranking 117 Committed
  • Zack Bailey
    Position Offensive Guard Height 6-5 Weight 315 Location Summerville, SC Current Institution Summerville Star Rating 4 Rating 92 National Ranking 247 State Ranking 4 Positional Ranking 12 Committed
  • Tyler Davis
    Position Center (FB) Height 6-2 Weight 290 Location Pawleys Island, SC Current Institution Waccamaw Star Rating 2 Rating 70 National Ranking 3116 State Ranking 56 Positional Ranking 47 Committed